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Stand Sunday is traditionally observed the second Sunday of November, but it certainly can take place on any given Sunday. Our partners at the Christian Alliance for Orphans create customizable tools for churches wanting to observe Stand Sunday. Those tools are below.


Stand Sunday is just the catalyst event for engaging your congregation in caring for some of our nation's most vulnerable children and families. Harvest Family Life Ministries is ready to further equip your church to defend and care for the children for whom the Lord may entrust into your care. 


Everyone has a role to play from being an advocate to an ally, and we are here to Stand with you. 

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How to Observe Stand Sunday

You can observe Stand Sunday as an individual, as a church, or even as a small group like a Sunday school class. We have a few suggestions for however you choose to observe Stand Sunday.

Stand Sunday ToolKit

Build Your Stand Sunday ToolKit

We are grateful for our ministry partners at the Christian Alliance for Orphans for creating the following customizable resources for your church. 

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We know every community and church is unique, and there’s no one perfect way to observe Stand Sunday or serve vulnerable children and families. This guidebook can serve as a starting point to help you explore your own unique and creative ways to leverage the power of Stand Sunday in your church so that more Christians around the nation are engaged in caring for some of the most vulnerable image bearers in our communities.

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Customizable Stand Sunday graphics for you to create posters, postcards, Pastor Invitations, FaceBook posts, and Instagram Posts.

To help you easily customize these resources on your own, click the links in the document to access Canva templates.

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We have several videos available for your use. 

The Stand Sunday Story


Stand Sunday + Orphan Sunday

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