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EVERYONE has a role to play in standing for children and family in critical life situations involving child welfare. No one person can do everything, but every person can do something. Are you ready to lead your church to Stand?

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1/ Let us know you are Standing!

When you fill out the information here, we will publish your church's name and approx. number of attendees on our list of Stand Sunday observers. We would be honored to meet with you (in person or online) to hear about how your church supports children and families involved in child welfare or help you further develop this type of essential ministry.

2 / Utilize the Field Guide, Graphics, & Videos

Our partners at the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) have created these excellent, customizable resources to help churches plan for Stand Sunday. If your church needs materials printed, please contact Harvest Family Life Ministries at

3 / Order T-Shirts for your Congregation

You can order Stand Sunday T-Shirts here and even add your church's logo on a sleeve. Either sell the shirts at cost to interested members or consider giving them away. Have your congregation proudly wear their shirts on Sunday, November 13 signifying your church's observance of Stand Sunday. Encourage your congregation to wear their shirts throughout the year and boldly share the message of Christ to care for the least of these when people express curiosity. We are delighted to partner with GoEX apparel in support of children and families in critical situations throughout the world. 

4 / Promote & Post to Social Media

Promote Stand Sunday to your congregation and beyond by utilizing the promotional materials provided by CAFO and posting updates and photos to social media. Use #standsunday2022.

5 / Plan a Follow Up Meeting

Stand Sunday is merely a catalyst event focused on building awareness and prayer. The Monday after Stand Sunday is when awareness can move to action. Create an action plan for your congregation by hosting a Stand Sunday Follow Up meeting. Representatives from Harvest Family Life Ministries (led by Bishop Aaron Blake, the founder of Stand Sunday) would be delighted to meet with your ministry leadership prior to the meeting, equip and empower your team to lead, and come stand with you. Check out our 27 Ways to Get Involved and contact to schedule some time to explore ways we can equip and empower you to lead in this effort. 

6 / Lead your Church to Stand on Sunday, November 13!

Churches around the nation observe Stand Sunday in different ways. Some churches design the entire worship service emphasizing the call of James 1:27 by hosting a guest speaker, showing videos, interviewing foster families and children from within the church, leading in guided prayer, and even displaying a Heart Gallery in the church foyer. Other churches more simply include a hand out in the church bulletin and make an announcement for an upcoming follow up meeting to discuss ways church members can be involved in orphan care ministry both locally and internationally. Each church, ministry structure, and community is unique, and we are available to support you however you choose to lead. 

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